Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Waste Not The uhhhh... SCRAPS!!

After I got my pieces cut (ripped, rather) out for the wipes, I realized I was going to have scraps left over. Beautiful, perfect, rectangular pieces too long and too skinny for wipes, but not for other things. I considered using them for cleaning. Flannel is divine on windows, floors, and the like.

Divine, I tell you.

As I was contemplating that, D walked through the kitchen where I was sewing. I like D's brain. I always have. That's why I married him. His brain, I swear, runs 110 mph 24 hours a day. Always thinking, always measuring, always balancing. He's a creator. It's what his brain was born to do.

And it's extremely attractive.

*fans herself*

Anyways, I showed D the scraps and simply said,

"I wish I could find a good use for these little buggers..."

He stopped for a moment, looked at the scraps for a half a millisecond, and said,

"Why don't you put a bar of soap in between two of them and sew it up shut?"

Why don't I do what?!? Why didn't I think of that?

And ladies and gentlemen, we have a non-slippery (slipperless?) baby scrubber with a knack for getting grime off things with lightning speed, but which is gentle enough for baby's skin, and super cute.

I went to work. I matched up the pieces, I ran to Market of Choice and picked up four bars of natural soap for $1.35 a piece, I surged, I sang, I giggled, and I used my scraps.

I went with scents/ingredients like honeysuckle and olive oil... mmmm...

Brilliant man, he is. Who's that brilliant man's wife? She's so smart for marrying him. ; P

So the next time I need to scrub a baby butt (or my butt for that matter) I think I'll reach for the ultra-absorbent, beautifully lathering soap cradle D's brain formed instead of a washcloth. All it takes is some water, and a little scrub-scrub in your hands, and you're ready to go.

Oh and to make matters even better, look at the photo below...

You can see that fabric is folded over the right side. Well, when that soap runs out, I'm throwing that bad boy through a wash, cutting open the end, putting another bar of soap in, and serging the sucker up again for a second round.

Mmmmmm hmmm.

Use makes me happy.

Double use makes me double happy.

I purchased two yards of flannel at JoAnn's for about $3.00 per yard. The containers are from IKEA, and were $3.00 for a pack of 3. The thread? Pennies. The soap was a little over $1.00 a bar. I ended with over 40 wipes, 15 soap cradles, and a few random scraps that I'm trying to talk D into wearing as neck ties. Not bad for an initial investment under $15.00.


  1. I don'r know how big your scraps are but we always would be looking for washclothes to wipe up spit up and little messes.

  2. You guys are just too cute for words. I envy you both. You are so intelligent, creative, resourceful, etc. The list really could go on forever. I'm glad to see that you're coming up with such brilliant, natural ways to raise your child(ren). :)

    I would love to sew with you some day, but you're creativity and skill would put me to shame.

  3. Jen, my love...

    Would you like a moment of truth now?

    I've never sewn in my life.

    There, I said it.

    I made a jean dress once in high school, but my mom coached me the entire way, and did most of the work when it comes down to it.

    This was my first project. And she still had to come over, show me the ropes, and then turn me loose. I loved every minute of it, but my sewing journey has just begun!!

    So as for my "creativity and skill"... uhhhh... mmmm... I'll just say "thanks". ; P

  4. I still view you as a super woman. :)