Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Root of All Deliciousness

In July, my mom came over toting a large, intriguing box. It had two of my favorite words in the world on it.

Root beer.


Just saying it out loud makes me happy.

Root beer.

It was a root beer making kit. How cool is that?

I asked her what her tote was all about. She said she bought it to give to either Jon - favorite son-in-law (A) - or D - favorite son-in-law (B). Of course, I talked her into giving it to the one attached to me, and so D and I made root beer this past week for Family Home Evening.

We had a blast! Like I mentioned earlier, this was just a kit - a simple "hamburger helper style" way of making root beer, but it at least gave us a taste of the real process.

This kit involved a lot of waiting... sterilize this, wait 10 minutes. Combine that, wait 10 minutes.

So what is a couple to do while they're waiting??

Play UNO of course!!!!

UNO is a dangerous game to play in our home.

We play dirty. It gets nasty.

SKIP and REVERSE cards are thrown all over the room.

People get called fat.

Pregnant people in particular.

We followed the instructions (believe it or not) and the end result was root beer! This kit carbonates with brewer's yeast, which I really like because it's authentic. However, they flavor with wintergreen - which is a common root beer flavoring these days...

We're just not fans.

We like our sassafras.

A lot.

So at the end of the night, we ended up with four bottles of yummy root beer that my mom drank.

I am still suspicious that this whole thing worked out just the way she wanted it to.

Very mysterious.


  1. You are in so much trouble for stealing! I just have one thing to say to you: Christmas. ;)

  2. Oh sweet goodness you're brilliant!! I never thought of a kit :P silly me!