Monday, August 30, 2010

Compensating for Something?

It could be that it is an effort bust out without doing anything too crazy.

It could be a vain attempt to get my high school students to think I'm cool.

It could be some deep-seeded need to belong to something.  I get a rush from waving to other people, strangers, riding motorcycles.

Or, it could have to do with the joy of becoming intimate with my surroundings. Of the feel of the wind on my cheeks and neck as it drops five degrees when I speed past a field sprinkler. Of coming closer to the feeling of flying than while doing anything else, including flying. Of the smell of sage and alfalfa and the warm earth.

In any case, it makes my soul happy.

Don't tell my dad.


  1. I'm telling.

    You are so naughty.

    And I am so jealous.

    ; P

  2. Quote from one of my freshman girls to another girl not in my class, out at the tennis courts as I drove by after the first day of school:

    "That's my English teacher. Beat that."

  3. You had me at the description of sage and alfalfa and the warm earth, but the student comment sealed the deal!!! I love it!!