Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Murder pictures and a guinea pig in the freezer...

After we made the fire starters, mom told me she would burn one as soon as they were dry, and email me the photo documentation.

She did, and she did.

Here are the pictures she sent me...

Do you see anything wrong with these pictures?

Yep. You're right. That is a dead bird in the upper left corner.

We don't open the wood stoves often during the summer months, and obviously this little one found his way in but not out. It's sad, really. I won't deny that.

I thought it might have been old age, I thought maybe she had seen the bird and was playing a prank on me (just ask her about the egg drop project my sophomore year when my family provided the eggs... oh the smell. The site. The crying cheerleaders. My laughing mother.)

Much to my relief, she did not see the bird, and I didn't know whether she was going to laugh or cry when I showed her the pictures back. I, on the other hand, was doing both. I tend to shed tears when I laugh that hard.

And you know what she said to me after removing the bird from her wood stove?

"Well, I guess I'll go bury the poor little thing... I should probably give it some company and bury it with the guinea pig that's in the freezer though."

Uhhhhhhhh... what?

Yup. That's me mum.


  1. I'm kind of a gullible person, but a guinea pig in the freezer....uhm...really??? or is that just a good joke???? eep! p.s. you looked beautiful last week!

  2. No joke Maddy. She said it. She meant it. One of her guinea pigs died over a month ago. Flower was her name. Mom didn't have time to bury her right at that moment, so what was the logical choice? Put her in the cooler. We're running a morgue over here, you know. ;P So yes - it's true - there was a guinea pig STILL in the freezer. I could hardly believe it myself. I don't think I'll be eating anything out of that freezer for some time. *hiccup*

    And thank you love. You looked mighty radiant yourself!!

  3. Hey, we had a bird in our freezer for a while. What ya gonna do when the ground is frozen??

    LOVE the fire starters; all I need now is a woodstove :D


    Flower died at a most inconvenient time. It was raining and every hole I tried to dig filled with water. There is a sister guinea pig, Michelle, that is the same age and I really thought she might croak any day. Two traumatic funerals? No way. I put Flower in a shoe box in an extra freezer that is filled with things Laura has long forgotten about... but that is another story. I went to Texas. I went to Utah. I came home and opened the freezer to clean it out two days ago and saw the guinea pig casket. I thought, 'I need to bury that thing now.' Timing is everything. The bird (rest its soul) died at a convenient time: the guinea pig, not so much. Michelle is alive and well and staying for a while I guess.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.