Friday, July 22, 2011

A Listening Ear...

For the past two weeks, Leah has been holding little Mac, and feeling as though something were amiss. For the past several days, she has pressed the nurses and doctors to run a few tests, take a look, pay attention, check the results, and then recheck them. She couldn't shake the feeling, or prompting rather, that an infection had taken hold somewhere, though she had not the slightest idea where, nor  proof with which to back her feelings.

So why in the world would the nurses and doctors take her pleadings seriously?

It's Provo, of course, and she said, "I just have a hunch". It is the land where hunches are heeded. And thank goodness for that. They decided to throw in a test for infection when they did their blood gas tests the next day, although, they assured her, they thought he wasn't sick. He didn't look sick. He didn't act sick. She wasn't convinced. Just do it for peace of mind, she asked.

They did. On Tuesday, results came back indicating that there was inflammation and probably an infection. Strange though, his white blood cell count was normal. They started him on broad spectrum antibiotics anyway, just in case. Good thing, on Wednesday, white blood cell count was elevated.  Because they listened, they were able to catch the infection before his little body even reacted to it. They found the source in his intestines and now they are getting better.

There were also things that they had assumed were just unique to him: high heart rate, high temperature, inability to properly oxygenate, sleeping more, grumpiness…all the signs that made mama wonder…they have all resolved themselves now.

The Lord is definitely watching over this little one. And his mama is trying to pay attention.

As for now, Mac, Faith, and Jon need our prayers and support more than anything. So keep them coming!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Elephant Man

Well, yesterday was a monumental day in the life of the Bean. That darn tube...the one causing much of the inflammation, the secretions, and his distress, came out.  He is ventilator-tube-free.  He even has vocal chords he has been exercising, although they are still a little weak.  It is wonderful and terrible to hear his tiny, whispery heart soars and then it makes me weep to hear that plainful little song.

The loss of the tube does not mean comfort on this earth for little Mac though.  At least for the time being, comfort doesn't seem to be his lot in life.

Poor little guy.  It's hard to believe, but he seems to be more at ease with this than he was with the tube...makes you wonder what it must have felt like to have that thing in his windpipe.  So, meet the NIPPV, which is a Non Invasive (cha right *snort*) Positive Pressure Ventilation, like a CPAP, but with a set number of "breaths" per minute, instead of just the constant flow.

It's day two now and his signs are all good.  We were worried about too much CO2 in the blood, which often elevates with this contraption, but his has actually gone down.  His settings are comparable to what they were on the vent, and his O2 supplementation is about the same as well.  He's also breathing on his own.

Did I mention that there's no more tube in his throat?

Did I mention I hate the sight of this thing?  But I keep telling myself it is better than the alternative and that if it means his lungs are healing, which they already are, I can stand it for a little while.

This experience has really increased my empathy for how the Father must feel watching the trials we endure.  It is a meager comparison, but how often I get impatient with His "pruning" and the pain and suffering, and how often His heart must break to see us hurt, even though He knows it is for our best good and development, which is the whole reason we are here on grow and become more like Him.  I want McKell to breathe, and this is what is required.  I can't skip steps, or his lungs become more damaged.  Though it is hard to imagine right now, when he is older and can run and sing and sigh, we will be grateful he went through this.

If he ever picks up a cigarette though, I'll kill him.