Friday, July 22, 2011

A Listening Ear...

For the past two weeks, Leah has been holding little Mac, and feeling as though something were amiss. For the past several days, she has pressed the nurses and doctors to run a few tests, take a look, pay attention, check the results, and then recheck them. She couldn't shake the feeling, or prompting rather, that an infection had taken hold somewhere, though she had not the slightest idea where, nor  proof with which to back her feelings.

So why in the world would the nurses and doctors take her pleadings seriously?

It's Provo, of course, and she said, "I just have a hunch". It is the land where hunches are heeded. And thank goodness for that. They decided to throw in a test for infection when they did their blood gas tests the next day, although, they assured her, they thought he wasn't sick. He didn't look sick. He didn't act sick. She wasn't convinced. Just do it for peace of mind, she asked.

They did. On Tuesday, results came back indicating that there was inflammation and probably an infection. Strange though, his white blood cell count was normal. They started him on broad spectrum antibiotics anyway, just in case. Good thing, on Wednesday, white blood cell count was elevated.  Because they listened, they were able to catch the infection before his little body even reacted to it. They found the source in his intestines and now they are getting better.

There were also things that they had assumed were just unique to him: high heart rate, high temperature, inability to properly oxygenate, sleeping more, grumpiness…all the signs that made mama wonder…they have all resolved themselves now.

The Lord is definitely watching over this little one. And his mama is trying to pay attention.

As for now, Mac, Faith, and Jon need our prayers and support more than anything. So keep them coming!!


  1. Thanks for taking care of this Lolo! I can't seem to find ten minutes to post anything...but I'll be done with my classes by the end of next week, so there is light at the end of the tunnel!

  2. Prayers & Blessings for all of you continue to flow from Tennessee!
    - Jace & Kathi

  3. amazing! You all are so strong and courageous! Thank you for the update! We love you guys!

  4. Have I mentioned that I want to chew on his little face? Those chubby little lips get me every time... <3

  5. he is looking really good! Thank goodness for those promptings. The Lord has his hands in all things ;)

  6. Love this!!!!! Prayers and love with you all, always...

  7. My thoughts and prayers are with little Mac and family. Good thing Mama was paying attention to all the signs and listening to the spirit.

  8. Hey Leah. What happened??? I got there this morning and you were gone? Sorry I have had such a hard week. I haven't really gotten to talk to anyone. It has been extremely overwhelming. Every time I get myself under control, I just tear up again. I never thought after almost 5 months we would be back on the vents. So it has been very tough to swallow. I walked over to find you though and saw you were in the room. Do you like it? Let me know. Hopefully I will see you at the hospital still. Jake is starting to look better and as you know when our babies are doing better we do better! talk to you later!