Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why Use Coconut Oil?!?!

I am a big fan of Laura over at the blog Heavenly Homemakers... not just because of her awesome name either!!

She is a wonderful advocate of the healthy living, homeschooling, bulk food buying, country goodness that I love so much.

Today she shared a great deal on Coconut Oil! Coconut oil is used for all sorts of different things, but to name a few:

-skin care (especially for those with sensitive skin or eczema)
-frying foods (SO much better for you than other oils like canola, vegetable, or even olive oil)
-making granola bars
-popping popcorn

...among many others!

Read Laura's post on "What To Do With Coconut Oil" for more ideas and recipes.

Read Laura's post on "Why Coconut Oil Is Good For You" here.

And then follow her advice and go buy some at Vitacost for an incredibly low price so you can try it out!

You can read her post about it here. Or you can follow my instructions below!

This month, VitaCost is offering free shipping when you purchase $25 worth of their VitaCost Brand products.  Their 54 ounce tubs of VitaCost Brand Organic Coconut Oil are $20.99 each. If you are a new customer with Vitacost and you first sign up through this referral link, you will receive an email with a $10 credit code which you can use to make your purchase.  Then if you use your $10 referral code, you get free shipping and your cost is only $31.98 or 30¢ per ounce!!

So if you so choose...  
  1. Click on this link to sign up for a referral credit.  Vitacost will email you a $10 credit code.
  2. Put two 54 ounce tubs of VitaCost Brand Organic Coconut Oil into your cart. Your subtotal at this point should be $41.98.
  3. Enter your $10 referral credit code in the “If you have a promo code please enter it here” box.  This will take your subtotal down to $31.98!
  4. Continue through the check-out process, receive your coconut oil a few days later, then make some Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins from Laura's Heavenly Homemakers blog - optional, but highly recommended.
  5. Bonus!  If you would like, you can refer your friends and family with your own referral code and receive Vitacost credit once they make a purchase.  :)

1 comment:

  1. Don't forget to mention how great coconut oil is for the memory.
    It also helps boost metabolism, and lower cholesterol. The benefits of coconut oil are endless!

    I do have to add though that Vitacost is just another mass market bully (driving towards putting independently owned health food stores out of business), just like Walmart. You'd get better service (not to mention passionate, educated persons) if you purchased from a local health food store.

    Also, look for a high quality, trusted brand such as Spectrum. You also want to look for UNREFINED. Spectrum brand coconut oil is organic, and organic makes a difference.