Friday, August 17, 2012

Country Platter: Dinner #3 -- Pulled Pork

This is what our freezer looks like each February. Now ain't that a beautiful sight? That is homegrown pork right there. Low-stress, belly-rubbed, leftovers-eating, fresh-water-drinking, and pasture-grazing pigs made that meat. They fulfilled their ultimate purpose on this Earth, and for that I will always be grateful.

We ask for simple cuts when we slaughter our pigs.

Bacon, pork chops, pork steaks, roasts, and grind. That's it.

This recipe calls for pork steaks or roasts, and you can buy them at any local grocer. A shoulder roast or "butt" is most flavorful. No giggling.

There are few things in this world which smell as heavenly as bbq in the crockpot. Gracious. It's a wonderful smell to come home to.

My favorite day of the week for this meal is Sunday. The recipe is so simple. You throw it together in the morning, and when you step in the door from church meetings, you are overwhelmed with a sense of h-o-m-e. Mmmmmmmm. I love home.

What You'll Need:

2 pork steaks (or 1 pork roast) <--- They really turn out about the same. Shredded, they taste and look very similar.
1 bottle bbq sauce (Our personal favorite is Sweet Baby Ray's. Holy moly.)
1 small onion
Buns or Tortillas

Place your pork cut in the crock pot. NOTE: It does not need to be thawed. You may need to add an hour to cooking time, but it won't hurt anything if the pork is still frozen. Yay! 

Dice your onion. Add your onion and 1 cup water or chicken broth to the crock pot and set it on LOW.

Cook on LOW for 8-10 hours.

Drain the water/juice from the meat, shred with your hands (let is rest awhile because it is H-O-T!) or a fork, and add a generous amount of your favorite bbq sauce. Take a little taste and add salt, pepper, seasoned salt, and any other favorite herbs as necessary.

Now you just need to decide whether you want to eat this lovely creation burrito style, or on rolls. I prefer rolls, personally, but that's because I enjoy baking bread.

Like this...

This is just my bread recipe again, but instead of forming loaves, I form dough balls and you wind up with beautiful buns instead!!! Mmmmm hmmmmm. Don't mind that missing bun there on the right. Ha!

Sides: Grain/Starch - rolls or tortillas
            Vegetable - broccoli
            Fruit - pineapple or grapes

pork roast
bbq sauce
baking powder  
wheat gluten
olive or vegetable oil

Enjoy peoples!!!! Sorry I don't have any photos of this dish. If I make it soon, I'll add them later!

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