Monday, June 18, 2012


On June 14th D, myself, my mother, and our 19-month-old son went to my OB's office for "the big ultrasound" - dun dun dun duuuuuunnnn!!!!

To make a long story short, what we thought was *a* girl turned out to be *two* boys. My husband nearly passed out. My mother shrieked. My sister (who was on the phone) didn't believe us and demanded to speak with the tech.

I just laughed. 

                And laughed. 

                              And laughed....

Then I asked D if he was okay. 

When he muttered "I think so" and wiped drool from his lip, I laughed some more. 


They are both most definitely boys... we have proof of that. One friend says all they see is a squirrel. Hehe. Technology is absolutely amazing to me. Sheesh. 

This one hardly let us see his "business"... he was too busy cupping his man parts with his hands. D's son for sure. 

 "Baby A" was quite the show off. And stubborn. The tech was trying to get a profile picture of the little Cherry Pit but he wouldn't allow it. Both babies are facing my back, and they each have their faces snuggled right into my spine. Trenton did the same thing. Apparently I'm very comfortable that way. :) On another note.... these images of baby faces in utero always crack me up. I love the little alien eye sockets. Aren't they adorable. Ha! 

Oh little baby foot. I cannot wait to put your toes in my mouth!! <3

The spine pictures are always my favorite. They're so beautifully detailed. That's a human being in there. Each of the boys weigh 10 oz. right now (okay Baby B weighs 10.5 oz, but we won't tell Baby A that) so they're very little spines.

Baby B had his legs tucked waaaaaay up into his chest and his head down (with his chin on his chest as well) - it is amazing to me that they can be comfortable that way at all!! But he seemed to be. He'd kick around when we came a'knockin'. Just to let us know who's boss.

I think this is D's favorite image. He threatened to name them Beavis and Butthead after getting this one. What you're seeing is Baby A's head on the left, and Baby B's buns on the right. The "knobs" on the outer rim of Baby B are his arms. The boys are positioned straight up and down, next to each other, and they're "yin and yang" right now. Baby A's head is up towards my ribs, feet towards my feet, and Baby B's head is down towards my feet, with his head up in my ribs. We even got to see them kick each other in the head a little. It was a great prelude of things to come! 

This was the first image the tech showed us. Proof there are two. Those little noggins are filled with beautiful brains, and I cannot wait to wrap my arms around these boys and kiss their cheeks. How in the world did I ever warrant the joy of two at a time?!?

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  1. I'm still in shock! AND very excited for all of you!!! I can't wait to hold them!