Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Legos and trucks....

This blog is going to take an existential twist.  We're not crazy enough already.  Having arrived at the age of 65 but totally unwilling to retire, I have a wager.  Heavenly Father always prepares us, quietly sometimes, for the events that are going to befall us. I have been teaching middle school for 22 years.  Today the Lord called me to teach Nursery.  I'm a little suspicious of what the future holds.

Our Nursery has 13, 18 month to 3-year-olds, with six scheduled to move into the nursery for Primary in the next three months. Laura is having twin boys in three months.  It's going to get crazy and I am more than willing to share my escapades, but I will change names to protect the innocent.

If anyone has wonderful ideas for nursery crafts waltzing through their minds, I need those ideas. My sister-in-law in Park City has been the nursery leader for going on two years.  I plan to sit with her for at least a day and pick her brains. Our craziness has a synergy that you would not believe.  It goes WAY back.

I hope our Bishop is ready for a full functioning nursery.  I love the calling.  Where else can I play with legos and trucks on Sunday and feel totally righteous?


  1. Nursery has been my favorite calling by far! We had 18 on average, with 21 being the most,when I'm "awake" I'll message you my "tricks".

    1. What the heck are you doing up reading blogs at 3:00 AM!!!!!!

  2. I love teaching nursery! If there is a safe spot where you can take the kids outside (with that many kids, you may want to get a long thin rope, tie knots in it, and have each child hold onto a knot so you don't lose anybody), one thing our kids loved to do is paint the sidewalk with water. We got cheap thick paint brushes and let each child have a Dixie cup with water. They loved it!
    Most of all, structure helps. Our group loved having some time outside. We'd mix up what we did outside- races, nature scavenger hunts, ring around the rosies, etc.