Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two Weeks Old

Day 14. Two weeks old. It was a quiet day. His O2 was mostly stable. Both eyes are open. He's getting 5ml of food every three hours, which now accounts for about 40% of his total calories (it was about 11% a week ago). His blood looks good. His arterial line went in without a hitch.


His hemoglobin is down, so he needs another transfusion, which means another IV line. His blood pressure is questionable, so there is a slight chance that his arterial duct is open again. The arterial line is in his wrist and so his whole arm is braced. And his lungs are still crappy looking.

So, we wait and hope and pray and thank our stars so many people are doing the same.


  1. Thinking of you and sending you prayers and love.

  2. I had no idea you had a blog. We think of you all the time and hope that you are hanging in there. Richard said you are doing great and he loves your wonderful attitude about everything you do....even if it is difficult at times. We love you all and hope little Mac continues to make progress every day! Lots of love!

  3. I found your blog through the "Fast for Mac" facebook page that one of my friends is attending, and thought I'd come here to pass on my best wishes of miracles to come pouring your way.

    We know some of worry and grief you're going through - we lost twin daughters just after 20 weeks. Your little Mac will be in my prayers that he'll continue to get stronger... and your family will be in my prayers - that comfort will surround you and that you will be carried through the hard moments.

    Also, I noticed his name is McKell - that's my maiden name. I just wondered if we might be related somehow.

    May miracles come to your little family!

  4. Love and prayers, love and prayers! <3 <3 <3