Sunday, November 6, 2011


We haven't meant to go missing, it's just that the last two months have been pretty crazy as we adjust to having the Bean home.

First of all, a reminder:

He was such a little guy, and so covered in wires and stuff.  This was taken just a couple of weeks after he was born.

This was taken tonight:

It's the same bear and, believe it or not, the same Bean.  My goodness, in case we were concerned he wasn't growing, I guess...

So, here's the skinny on life since the last post.

Mac had surgery for a hernia while we were still in the hospital. It went off without a hitch and he recovered really quickly.  He was well enough to come home four days later. We said goodbye to a lot of people we had grown to love.  I spent as long in the hospital as I have lived many places in the last 15 years.

Mac wouldn't eat at first.  He had reflux and threw up most of the small amount that went in.  He cried when we tried to feed him.  He cried when we held him.  He cried when we put him down.  It was tragic.  He was already on medication, but the first Prevacid he wouldn't take at all, and then we got dissolving stuff that he loved, but it still didn't make it all better, so the doc threw in Zantac for good measure.  It worked like a charm. He still wouldn't eat as much as he "should" have, but at least he wasn't losing weight and he wasn't in constant pain from reflux or hunger.

We had to make weekly trips up to Provo for eye exams to monitor his retinopathy, and I am happy to announce that he had his last appointment two weeks ago and was pronounced "out of the woods"! No surgery and no lasting damage to his vision.  It still isn't 100% finished developing, but he's old enough and it is good enough we're safe.  Halleluja.  Curious to know what those appointments were like? Go watch Minority Report...except that Dr. Carver was wonderful and his office was clean...but having things stuck in your eyes to keep them open and then having instruments jabbed into your eyes to move them around, well, it doesn't much matter how great the doctor is; that sucks.

I started back to work part time the beginning of October.  I work every other day and Mac hangs out with his Meema (I have no idea how to spell that). It is wonderful that he gets to bond with her and she spoils him rotten, which is OK by me.  I still treasure my relationship with my grandparents and want the same for him.

All in all, life is grand.  It is so nice to have him home.  I have never existed on so little sleep, but am functioning remarkably well and he is starting to sleep longer stretches during the night.  He is not a very fussy baby, though he does have his fussy times.  This is especially rare for preemies, so we are grateful.  Don't get me wrong, he fusses, but not for hours at a time and he isn't usually inconsolable.  Between his vibrating chair, his sling, and one of us walking him around, we can almost always find something that makes him happy.

We took a trip to Oregon last week and he didn't need oxygen the whole time we were there.  6K feet elevation makes a big difference though, so he still needs a little bit most of the time.  If he keeps eaing like he has lately, however, we'll be done with it in no time.

God is good. We're daily aware of how blessed we have been.  So far, we haven't seen any developmental delays, and there shouldn't be any long term health issues.  He brings us so much joy and we are so glad he is a part of our family.

And that outfit he is wearing in the above pic? Doesn't fit him any more.

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  1. Holy MACkerell!!! We love you guys SO freaking much!!!!