Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Has Sprung...

Spring has sprung. How do we know? 

The bees are out and about.

Shrubs are blossoming.

Flowers are blooming.

We are all wearing rubber boots.

We are digging Winter Beets! Yum!

We are planting peas.

There is dirt on the stroller.

Daffodils are King.

And old gives way to new in the Herb Garden...

Aaaahhhhhhhhh... Spring.


  1. I don't have hives but I'm doing my part in choosing bee-friendly, bee-feeding, bee-yootiful flowers for my garden! And I just planted my first vegetable rows of the season yesterday. Hooray for spring!

  2. I love spring a little bit more after this!
    I told Tim I can't blog until I have a camera like yours so my blog will be as beautiful as yours! He didn't seem to think the camera had much to do with it but more with the person behind the camera. Yeah, yeah..... he might have a point.

  3. Danae - a good camera does more than Tim may think! ; p I would dare say necessary!!

    And Jen - All I have to say to you is HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!