Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Identity Crisis...

We are in the process of creating an identity crisis for our child. Neither D nor myself ever call him by his real name. To me, he's "Bub-Bubs" - don't ask why. To D, he's "Bugaboo" - again, no clue. Others call him "TD", to one friend he's "Jersey" - we just want to confuse the poor kid...

So here's the child - by whatever name you wish - for Aunty Leah, since she's too far away...

How in the world did he get so big??


  1. What's in a name? Let him have a hundred! Did me no harm. *twitch*

  2. Your lil man is totally a Cherry boy. He is a cutie, for sure.
    I laughed at your post. Dedicating a post on how you have all these names for your lil man to his Aunty Leah, a woman who has a few hundred herself. I laughed and giggled. I love her...

  3. We rarely call our little one by her name either. She ends up being Juice or Bells. Totally random. But it makes them special!

  4. We eventually had to FORCE ourselves to call Loganne by her name instead of 'Babers'. She was just the babes or babers to us and she began thinking that was her name. Haha! Chris and I still come up with nicknames for her, pretty much on a daily basis, but we waited a little bit before we started 'em up again! LOL. Make sure you write all of them down in your baby book to look back on!

  5. Our three have morphed from "Calvin, Kiziah and Caleb" into "Vinny, Lou and Bob"... I love multiple names. It's so much more fun that way!

    AND... I am beyond tickled pink that he is wearing the shirt we sent!!!!! Love it!!! :)

    We sure love you guys...

  6. Love his shirt... Too Cute! SO happy to see videos....he is adorable! Keep it coming... his cousins Avery and Aiden love to see him.