Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well, we did it. We have our 72-hour packs ready and waiting!! We have been meaning to do this for quite some time now... I mean, we HAVE been married for 150 days today (but who's counting) after all.

I did a lot of research. D and I discussed our plans for days before we executed them... Monday came, FHE plans were still undecided, and we went for it.

I'm a list person. I make lists of ALL sorts of things... baby's names, grocery lists, our tasks for the week, my baby weight, household chores to be done every day, my schedule down to "1. Prepare Breakfast 2. Eat breakfast"... EVERYTHING. So I made lists. I have lists of survival-related topics coming out my ears! I searched for the 72-hour pack shopping list list, and we headed to Wal-Mart!

We were excited to say the least.

We left WallyWorld with about eight sacks of "shtuff" and a couple hundred dollars poorer. Not bad considering we had to buy packs, food, an emergency radio, and all the other survival supplies needed. We were starting from scratch!

I went to take a picture of D carrying in some of the groceries and Super Man got them all!! And shut the doors to the suburban!! What the heck?!?

Oh and he wasn't pleased with himself at all. What a hunk.

Here's the loot, pre-packed!!

We had to get scissors to open the knife so we could open everything else, and voila! Ready and waiting to go into the bags!

The emergency radio...

My pack: stuffed! We were actually surprised at the amount of space left in these bags. They were $19.00 for goodness sakes, and you can almost fit a body in them! They have a ton of pockets, and several support straps. Good find, for sure.

A hymnal, a journal, and a Book of Mormon for some reading (D and I have scriptures in "senile size" just for fun. They're a tad heavy.)

We are rockin' those packs. Fo'sho.

And now for the important stuff...

72-Hour Pack

1 backpack -- $19.00
1 rain slicker -- $2.88
3 pairs socks -- $3.00
1 water bottle -- $3.00
1 gallon water -- $0.78
5 packets oatmeal -- $1.40
1 packet raspberry ice -- $0.20
3 packets hot cocoa -- $0.45
3 packets apple cider -- $0.60
2 granola bars -- $0.50
1 small bag jerky -- $2.98
3 packets ramen -- $0.60
2 small cans fruit -- $1.50
23 lifesavers -- $0.75
1 pack gum -- $0.75
4 fruit snacks -- $0.50
1 bunch zipties -- $1.50
1 can sterno fuel -- $3.00
1 pack tissues -- $0.60
4 small boxes matches -- $0.40
1 waterproof canister w/ matches -- $1.00
1 small bottle sanitizer -- $1.50
1 small bottle multi-use liquid soap -- $2.88
1 small first aid kit -- $6.88
1 emergency blanket -- $2.88
1 bottle insect repellent -- $2.88
1 ballpoint pen -- $0.50
1 roll camper toilet paper -- $0.60
1 small flashlight -- $3.00
1 7-in-1 tool -- $3.88
1 pocket knife -- $1.00
1 mess kit -- $5.88
1 whistle -- $1.00
1 pointed shovel -- $3.88
1 emergency radio -- $20.00
1 bag medication/vitamins -- ON HAND
1 sleeping bag -- $9.00
1 pair garments -- ON HAND
1 Book of Mormon -- ON HAND
1 hymnal -- ON HAND
1 journal -- ON HAND
1 pair Carhartts -- ON HAND
1 t-shirt -- ON HAND
1 hoodie -- ON HAND
1 beanie hat (something that covers the ears) -- ON HAND
1 pair gloves -- ON HAND

Special Considerations:
(that means these are in my pack because I'm a sissy, but not in D's)
1 tube chapstick
1 small bottle of lotion
1 travel size bottle contact solution
1 extra pair contacts (plus case)

TOTAL COST: $111.15/pack

(that includes 1 gallon of water and a sleeping bag)

So there you have it. We're more prepared today than we were yesterday, and that's what counts! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!! We purchased everything from Wal-Mart.


  1. You have a belly in this picture!!! Yay for your bean belly!!! You're going to have to put together a baby pack in not too long!

  2. Holy crap! You noticed!!!! You ought to REALLY see it now. No hiding this puppy. hehe I mean baby. Pit. Cherry. Pit.

  3. I want to touch your belly. Come see me. Now.

  4. My pack weighs 37 lbs! I need to compare.....

  5. This is a great list, there's some things that I've left out i.e. whistle, matches (even though I have candles...duh)

    Anyway, also, in ours, we made copies of all our important documents (passports, birth certificates, ssn's, drivers licenses, insurance premiums, church records, patriarchal blessings, home ownership docs, bank records...that's all I can think of off hand)- and I put them in a waterproof ziplock bag so that if anything were to be questioned or damaged/lost I would have some kind of record of it. We're also working on getting a cash stash to put in there in case there needs to be some bartering, etc.